What's the difference between Foamboard and PVC board?

What's the difference between Foamboard and PVC board?

It is often heard that comparing PVC boards with Foamboard, many people do not know that the two are not only hard and soft. Next, we will explain the use, specifications and price of PVC board with Foamboard, as well as the difference between them.


        (left PVC version; right FOAMBOARD)

FOAMBOARD by using PS particle foam from the foam plate core, pressed version, followed by PVC veneer sheet.FOAMBOARD light weight and low cost. But because the heart is too soft, easy because of the pressure change, is not suitable for the production of complex models, and use need to be careful.


The PVC board is made of polystyrene as the center for foaming. The outside is also PVC veneer. The density is 3-4 times larger than that of FOAMBOARD, the price is also relatively 3-4 times higher than that of the FOAMBOARD board. The hardness of the PVC plate is high, and the better PVC plate is pressed by fingers.


Both PVC and FOAMBOARD are widely used in the advertising industry, but when to use PVC boards and when to use FOAMBOARD?


The density of FOAMBOARD is low, and the PS film FOAMBOARD surface is very thin, not long when the shutter in the air out, so the resulting adhesive foaming. If it is used outdoors, Foamboard shall life will be shorter, because in the air will be swollen by the heat of the sun, thus speeding up the bubble phenomenon.


PVC in high density, can prevent the board in the air permeability, and enough hardness than FOAMBOARD durable. Either outdoors or indoors can be used for a long time. If the customer needs the advertising time, such as one or two days, and does not require high-grade, so FOAMBOARD is the best choice. The budget situation PVC, is definitely the first choice.