What is the role of ACR in the process of PVC processing

What is the role of ACR in the process of PVC processing

(1) It can have good phase solubility with PVC at the processing temperature, and promote uniform and synchronous plasticization.  

(2) Improve the rheological behavior of PVC thermoplastic, improve the melt strength, avoid melt rupture, improve the internal quality and surface gloss of the products.  

(3)The stability of a long time forming process.  

(4) Prevent in extrusion and injection by extrusion molding produced by the pressure fluctuation and flow with produce surface defects such as scars.  

(5)Promote the foaming products to be homogeneous and refined.  

(6) Improve the consistency of the quality of PVC products, such as appearance luster, tensile strength, impact strength and elongation at break.  

(7) Maintain good performance of original PVC, in a variety of machining process, can promote the smooth processing, is very effective to improve weather resistance. 

(8) The deposition of various additives, such as stabilizers and pigments, on the surface of machined machinery is significantly reduced.