Quality Problems of PVC Foam Board

Quality Problems of PVC Foam Board

Common quality problems and reasons:

(1) Stability problems: lacking of stability will cause the board yellow&brittle.

(2) Melt strength problems: Insufficient melt strength can cause large cell foam,long longitudinal hole.For products that require rapid plasticization and high melt strength, choose TG-920.

(3) lubrication problem: external lubricant is conducive to mold the outer slip on the smooth surface,with too few external lubricant, the temperature of the extruder District 5 is not easy to control, and it’s easy to heat up. So it may cause the merging of the core, large bubble in the middle sheet, the bubble string, yellow surface and so on, and not smooth surface; With too much external lubricant, more precipitation will occur.

The inner lubricant is conductive to the plasticization and melt fluidity. With too much inner lubricant, it is difficult to control the thickness of the plate surface,generally shows in the thin thickness of both edges and thick in the intermediate plate; With too much inner lubricant,the phenomenon of high temperature junction of the core will easily occur.