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Wood plastic species
    After the concept and products of wood-plastic were brought into the domestic market, they were favored by some companies and consumers, and then the wood-plastic products appeared in the building materials market. The main materials of domestic wood plastic are PE wood plastic and PVC wood plastic.

1. PE wood plastic
PE wood plastic material has excellent waterproof and anticorrosive properties, high hardness and easy to be subjected to thermal deformation, but it has good effect with thickening or porous hollow structure.
1) limited life time for outdoor use of products; Now for 3-5 years;
2) the anti-oxidation and anti-light decomposition ability is poor, even if the addition of anti-oxygen agent and UV reference agent, the effect is not ideal, it will also affect the product strength and color fastness;
3) the product has a pure color, no wood sense, and poor appearance.

2. PVC wood plastic
1) PVC wood plastic products can be used the new material, also can do with old material (and PE with new material cost is too high, there is no way into the market), modified more easily, also add quantity depends on quantity of yield and quality;
2) PVC can be made into low-foamed wood-plastic products, so that the cost is lower, and it is considered suitable to use the co-extrusion form (double material multi-materials co-extrusion or steel plastic co-extrusion), and the strength and wood grain feel are good;
3) PVC can be used for secondary processing, various appearance decoration or paint to cover UV paint, and the product is good and color fastness is good;
4) the waterproof and anti-corrosion properties of PVC wood-plastic products are just as good.

3. Differences between PE wood and PVC wood plastic.
1) different methods: the preparation of PE wood plastic products mainly adopts the cold push method; The preparation of PVC wood - plastic products can be divided into vacuum forming, cold pushing and three - roll suppression.
2) the material is different: PE wood plastic material mainly consists of two - and three - stage PE recycling materials, wood powder, calcium powder and a small amount of modifier. The materials made of PVC wood are mainly PVC resin powder, PVC recycling material, wood powder, stone powder and some modifiers.
3) the performance is different: PE wood plastic products are heavy, with high hardness, large brittleness and large creep. PVC wood plastic products are light weight, poor hardness, good toughness, creep, no PE wood plastic products.
4) different USES: PE wood plastic products are mainly outdoor garden construction, green wood such as guardrail, floor, garbage can, flower pool, tray and so on. PVC wood plastic products are mainly indoor decoration materials, such as door, floor, kick, door set and so on.
    In addition, wood plastic material also has a better door class -- ABS wood plastic, ABS wood plastic product is easy to process, strength is good, also can make wood grain effect, good-looking not damage.

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