Plastics, why do they have to be modified?

Plastics, why do they have to be modified?

1. What is plastic modification?

    The modification of plastics is to improve or increase the function of general resin through physical, chemical and mechanical methods, and to achieve the function under special environmental conditions in electric, magnetic, optical, thermal, aging resistance, flame retardant, mechanical properties and so on. In order to reduce the cost and improve the function of plastic products, plastic modification technology exists in order to reduce the cost of plastic products and improve their functionality, from the production of raw materials to various specifications and varieties of modified plastics masterbatch.

2. What is the purpose of modification?

    The purpose of plastic surface modification can be divided into two categories: one is direct application modification, the other is indirect application modification.

(1) the direct application of direct application of modified plastic surface modification means can direct access to the application of some modification, the specific surface gloss, surface hardness, surface wear resistance and the frictional surface, surface aging proof, flame retardant, cut off the surface conduction and surface. The modification of plastic surface has been developed rapidly in recent years. For example, surface barrier modification plays an important role in plastic barrier modification.

(2) indirect application of plastic modification refers to the surface modification of indirect application for direct application of ground modification, some of the specific, such as to improve the adhesion of plastic, such as printing and stratification and to improve the surface tension of plastic modification. For example, taking plastic electroplating as an example, only ABS coating fastness can meet the requirements of plastic varieties that have not been treated on the surface. In particular, polyolefin plastic varieties, the plating layer fastness is very low, must carry on the surface modification to improve with the plating layer binding fastness, can carry on the electroplating treatment.