What are the common absorbent plates and sheets?

What are the common absorbent plates and sheets?

With the continuous development of plastic, it in all areas within the scope of application is expanding, the application of material of the blister is very broad, general blister material divided into thin slices of blister and thick slices blister, wafer blister materials we usually call it plate and film, thick slices blister material we call sheet. Next, we will introduce the common plastic sheet and plastic sheet.

The common plastic sheet material has PET hard piece, PVC hard piece, PS hard piece, ABS engineering plastic and so on.

PVC sheet is a kind of material with moderate toughness and not easy to burn. It is the main material of transparent plastic products.

PET harddisk is a kind of environmental protection material with good toughness, high transparency, easy to burn but no harmful gas when burning. Because of its high price, it is mainly used in some high-end plastic products.

ABS, acrylic, PVC, PC, etc. They have different capabilities and applications.

ABS sheet is currently the most widely used is also one of the biggest production material, ABS sheet has the characteristics of avirulent insipidity, ABS sheet in automobile, electronic appliances, construction, machinery and other industries widely used within the territory.

Acrylic is qualitative light, easy processing, the characteristics of its transparency is very high, products made of surface gloss is strong, has the advantages of beautiful shape, in the decoration, advertising, construction and other industry application scope is wide.

PS plate is a kind of low density, easy to burn material, its toughness is not very good, generally used to produce a variety of industrial blister tray.