A series of technologies of cold extrusion products for profiles

A series of technologies of cold extrusion products for profiles

The main equipment used is the conical twin screw extruder.

1. The shape and size of the blanks formed by the cooling finalizing device (forming table) from the nozzle of the extruder are similar to the requirements of the products. The required shape and size can be obtained only through the cooling finalizing device, and the quality of the profiles is also affected. Finalize the mesa have a vacuum to finalize the design water tank, use commonly 3-5 vacuum pump to complete the finalize the design water and vacuum degree, and completed by 2-4 sets of circulating pump of cooling water circulation, water pressure for 1-3.5 bar, temperature, general control in 15 + / - 1 ℃. Generally, the negative pressure of main profile dry shaping is between -0.5mpa and 0.7mpa, while the vacuum negative pressure of vortex tank is generally between -0.002 and -0.013mpa. The main advantage of vortex tank is good cooling effect, uniform cooling and accurate molding size. The shaping table can be adjusted horizontally and vertically to align with the head mold.

2, traction device (pull out machine) traction device is continuous extrusion necessary auxiliary device, its role is to give by the head of extrusion has been preliminary forming profiles, provide a certain amount of traction and speed, to overcome the friction generated in the cooling process, make the profile with uniform speed pulling out from after heating device, for conform to the requirements of the profile. The traction pressure is generally set as 0.2-0.3mpa. If the pressure is too high, the profile will be deformed.

3, cutting gear cutting device is abnormal cut lengths of device, as required when the traction device for cooling to finalize the design after the profile setting distance, profile trigger discharge rack travel switch, cutting saw briquetting pressure profiles, pneumatic cylinders drive motor and cutting saw blades from down to up, high speed rotation blade, cut off the profiles, sawdust by dust collection device for playback. The cutting speed should not be too fast, and the cutting speed is too fast, which may lead to the fracture or even fracture of the profile.

4. After cutting, the shaped materials of the unloading frame are placed on the bracket smoothly by the unloading frame and packaged and loaded as required.