Where can titanium dioxide be used in addition to coating industry?

Where can titanium dioxide be used in addition to coating industry?

Application of titanium dioxide:
Pigment grade titanium white powder is mainly used in coating, paper making, plastic, rubber, printing ink, chemical fiber and other industries.
Titanium sharp titanium powder is suitable for indoor coatings and products.
Rutile titanium dioxide is suitable for outdoor coatings and products.
Non-pigment grade titanium white powder is mainly used in enamel, capacitor, electrode, etc.

Coating industry is a large user of titanium white powder, especially rutile titanium white powder, most of which is consumed by the coating industry. The paint made of titanium white powder has bright colors, high covering power, strong coloring power, low consumption and various kinds, which can protect the stability of the medium, strengthen the mechanical strength and adhesion of the paint film, prevent cracks, prevent ultraviolet ray and water from penetrating, and extend the life of the film.
Quality requirements for titanium dioxide for coating:
A. Good whiteness;
B. Good abrasion and wettability;
C. good weather resistance;
D. Good chemical stability;
E. Small size, large covering power, high color dissipation power, good opacity and gloss.

The plastic industry is the second largest user of titanium white powder. Adding titanium white powder into plastic can improve the heat resistance, light resistance and weather resistance of plastic products, improve the physical and chemical properties of plastic products, enhance the mechanical strength of products, and extend the service life.

Paper industry is the third largest user of titanium white powder, as a paper filler, mainly used in high grade paper and thin paper. Adding titanium white powder in the paper, can make the paper with better whiteness, good gloss, high strength, thin and smooth, printing without penetration, light quality. Titanium white powder for papermaking generally USES the sharp titanium white powder without surface treatment, which can play the role of fluorescent whitening agent and increase the whiteness of paper. But laminated paper requires the use of surface treatment of rutile type titanium white powder to meet the requirements of light resistance, heat resistance.

Ink industry: high - grade ink in indispensable white pigments. Inks containing titanium white powder are durable, non-discoloration, good surface moisture, easy to disperse. The inking industry USES the titanium white powder has the rutile type, also has the sharp titanium type.

Textile and chemical fiber industry is another important application field of titanium white powder. Titanium white powder used in chemical fiber is mainly used as a extinction agent. Because the sharp titanium type is softer than the golden red type, the sharp titanium type is generally used. Surface treatment is generally not required for chemical fiber titanium dioxide, but surface treatment is required for some special varieties to reduce the photochemical effect of titanium dioxide and avoid the degradation of the fiber in the photocatalysis of titanium dioxide.

Rubber: not only used as coloring agent, but also has the function of reinforcing, anti-aging and filling. Titanium white powder is added to white and color rubber products. Under sunlight, it is resistant to sun exposure, non-cracking, non-discoloration, and has high elongation rate and acid and alkali resistance. Rubber with titanium white powder, mainly used in automobile tires and rubber shoes, rubber floor, gloves, sports equipment, generally in the sharp-titanium type. However, when used in automobile tire production, a certain amount of rutile products are often added to enhance its ability to resist ozone and ultraviolet rays.

Cosmetics: because titanium white powder is non-toxic, far superior to lead white, so almost all kinds of incense powder use titanium white powder to replace lead white and zinc white. Only need to add 5-8% titanium white powder in flavor powder can get permanent white, make perfume more slippery and greasy, have adhesion, absorption and covering power. Titanium dioxide can reduce the feeling of greasy and transparent in water powder and cold cream. Titanium dioxide is also used in other spices, sunscreens, soap, white soap, shaving cream and toothpaste

Ceramics: titanium white powder is also used in the manufacture of enamels. The transparent ceramic glaze has the advantages of light quality, strong impact resistance, good mechanical performance, bright color and no pollution. Generally, it is high temperature resistant titanium sharp white powder.