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Do you really know CPE?

Because the CPE molecule does not contain double chains, it has good weather resistance, flame resistance and thermal stability, which are superior to PVC, low cost and excellent performance. Soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons and halogenated hydrocarbon, does not dissolve in fat hydrocarbon, above 170 ℃ decomposition, release hydrogen chloride gas, it has stable chemical structure, excellent aging resistance, flame resistance, cold resistance, weatherability, free coloring, chemical resistance, ozone resistance and electrical insulation and processability, and good compatibility with PVC, PE, PS and rubber blending to improve its property.

Effect of CPE additive amount on PVC:

The impact strength of PVC increases rapidly with the addition of CPE when the amount of addition is less than 10 minutes, but the impact strength of PVC increases little when the amount of CPE is further increased. Therefore, it is advisable to add 8-10 portions of CPE as an impact agent. Meanwhile, with the increase of CPE, the tensile strength of PVC blends continues to decline and the elongation at break increases. For example, if the product of tensile strength and elongation at break is used to indicate its toughness, it will obviously increase with the increase of the amount of CPE added.

Have literature thought in 8 above, CPE than precipitation in the saturated solubility of PVC and PVC, PVC as the sea, the island of CPE for micro phase separation structure, thus greatly improve the impact strength of PVC, also have literature that CPE in more than six servings, can form a network in the formula, thus impact modified effect, but the CPE at low content (e.g., 1), can not form a network in the formula system, also can't more than its saturated solubility and precipitation in PVC, its impact in the formula of modified to little effect.

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