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What is the production molding technology of PVC plastic sheet?
PVC plate is a relatively common plastic plate, it has a good performance, the following we will understand its production molding process what:
The first is free foaming, in which the melt expands unrestricted as soon as it leaves the die and, after a short period of time, enters a larger size setting device. The advantage of this method is simple process, suitable for the production of thickness of 2 ~ 6mm of surface gloss PVC sheet products.
The second method is the internal foaming method, which can produce PVC plates with complex cross-section shapes. The products have the characteristics of smooth surface, high hardness and low density in the core area.
The third is the co-extrusion method, it is through a combination of the head, the use of two combined extruder respectively extruded non-foam surface layer and foam core layer, according to the need to adjust the varieties or formulations of two layers of plastic, so that the products reach the density and size required by the standard.
The above methods have their own characteristics in formula composition, processing technology and so on.

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