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SPC floor main performance requirements
SPC floor main performance requirements
1. Low shrinkage, warping and good toughness.
2. Make sure that it is not easy to deform under various environments and has good locking tension and a certain peeling force between the substrate and the film. The performance mainly depends on the material type component processing technology equipment ability to decide.

SPC processing requirements
1. The stability of continuous production is very important because of the large extrusion volume of SPC floor production line and the need for online laminating.
2. As the SPC floor is highly filled, the screw wears seriously and the screw value is relatively high, so the impact of the screw life on the total cost must be considered.
3. The floor is relatively thin with small thickness tolerance requirements and fast extrusion speed, so it requires good material dispersion, plasticization performance and fluidity.

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