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How far is the factory from the port?

Our factory is located in Anhui province. We usually export from Lianyungang Port. From our factory to the port is about 300 kilometers.

How many workers are needed to produce CPE135A?

7-8 workers for producing CPE135A. 

What is the full name of your company?

Wuxi Jubang Auxiliaries Co.,Ltd. We are the PVC auxiliaries manufacturer. Our goal is linking the world with our auxiliaries.

Why are you 3-year Alibaba Supplier?

We have engaged in the production and export of PVC Auxiliary agents for more than 15 years before. In last March, we opened our own Alibaba e-commerce platform to adapt to new trade environment and style.

How is your supply capacity?

Because we have sufficient production capacity and complete inventory system, we can ensure whole-year supply. We have a big warehouse.

How many CPE production lines do you have?

We have four complete CPE production lines.

How big is your factory?

The area of our factory is more than 350,000 square meters, including office area, workshop, warehouse and accommodation area.

How many staffs do you have?

We have 75 staffs in all, including 1 president, 1 general manager, 4 department manager, 5 senior engineers, 30 production workers, 16 salesmen, 18 service personnel. 

What’s your annual turnover in last 3 years respectively?

Our annual turnover in last 3 years are 110 million CNY, 130 million CNY and 150 million CNY respectively. We specialize in CPE135A. Our company specializes in the manufacturing and export of PVC auxiliary agents and procurement service of plastic raw materials. 

What’s your main market?

Our main market include Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle Asia, Middle-East, Africa and East Europe.

When was your company established?

Our company was founded in 2001. Our company not only specialize in CPE 135A, but also sell other PVC additives like PE wax, PVC stabilizer and so on.

What’s your productivity of CPE 135A?

Our productivity of CPE 135A is 30,000 MT every year. 

What are your main products?

Our company specializes in the manufacturing and export of PVC auxiliary agents and procurement service of plastic raw materials like PVC Resin, CPVC resin, HPVC resin and PVC Paste resin,etc. Our main products include various PVC auxiliary agents like CPE 135A, PVC Heat Stabilizer, PE Wax, etc, and chemical raw materials including PVC Resin, CPVC resin, HPVC resin and PVC paste resin.

Where is your factory located?

Our factory is located in Suzhou City, Anhui Province. Our factory is specialized in produceing chlorinated polyethylene 135A, which is used in PVC products. It can be used in PVC pipe, PVC profiles, PVC plate, PVC flake and so on.