Advantages of PVC Floor over Marble Floor and Wooden Floor

Advantages of PVC Floor over Marble Floor and Wooden Floor


PVC floor is a kind of newly emerging synthetic material for construction and decoration. Compared with traditional tile, wooden and marble floor, PVC floor has its own advantages.

Tile and natural marble are very rigid materials and their surfaces are very smooth. So its inevitable that people may feel stiff walking on such floors and people will slip easily when these floors get wet. Therefore, PVC floor has its own advantages of both rigidity of marble and softness of polymer materials. We will feel comfortable walking on PVC floor and people wont slip easily because the frictional resistance on its surface will become more higher when it gets wet.

Wooden floor is very expensive. And it will be out of shape easily when it get damp and it will crack and shrink when get dry, so the joints between wooden floors will be wider. If wooden floor is not maintained properly, it will easily get mildewed and damaged by worms. Compared with wooden floor, PVC floor wont expand when heated or got damp, and it has excellent properties of mildew resistance and moth proof, so the maintenance of PVC floor is very easy.

Calcium Carbonate powder contained in PVC floor determines good compressive strength of PVC floor. Added synthetic resins gives PVC floor a certain softness. Thus PVC floor wont be easily broken like tiles and marble due to its excellent impact resistance. UV abrasion-resistant coating is used in PVC floor. Abrasion resistance property of PVC floor will be strengthened with the increase of hours of use.


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