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Good News! Visit Gansu Yincai Pipes Co.Ltd, ChongCai Group

Time: 2017-10-16

Good News! Cooperate with GanSu YinCai Pipes Co,Ltd, ZhongCai Group

ZhongCai Group is a comprehensive enterprise group socialization, involing in chemical building materials, security investment, futures brokerage, pawn and auction, PE investment, real estate development and international trade etc.


Headquarters is  in Zhejiang.It is one of the largest manufacturers of pipe and profile products in china,main producting PVC, PE, PP-R, PE-RT pipes and PVC profiles.

ZhongCai Group has 18 production bases, Hangzhou, Xinchang, Tianjin, Sichuan, Hunan, Xi'an, Xinjiang and Jilin.


Today, Jubang Auxiliary’s salesman visited ZhongCai Group gansu yincai pipes co. ltd. The chemical raw material products of JuBang Auxiliaries Co,Ltd have been recognized by Zhongcai Group gansu yincai pipes co,ltd. And Gansu YinCai Pipes Co,Ltd  intend to cooperate with our company for a long time.

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