The Weather is Cold! And the PVC Product Formulation Should be Adjusted.

The Weather is Cold! And the PVC Product Formulation Should be Adjusted.

The Weather is Cold!  And the PVC Product Formulation Should be Adjusted.

Cold resistance and low temperature impact performance of PVC plastic itself is bad. The use temperature limit is commonly - 15 ℃.External temperature of summer is more than 30 degrees and down for the winter - around 10 ℃.Temperature difference is bigger.Some enterprises PVC products formula not timely adjusted, product performance quality will fluctuate to drop,such as, PVC products more brittle than the summer time, processing relative difficulties and so on.Therefore, as the weather becomes colder, the PVC product formulation should be adjusted accordingly.


PVC Rigid Products


Low winter temperatures, PVC molecular motion than summer is relatively difficult.External performance: PVC toughness drops, brittleness.Winter PVC production formula under the condition of the guarantee not sticky mold,outside lubrication dosage is less as far as possible. Within the lubrication moderate increase.

The toughening agent used in PVC is mostly CPE, and the dosage should be increased appropriately in winter.Filling agent calcium powder, talcum powder will increase the brittleness of PVC, the winter can be reduced appropriately.

Products with high quality requirements and low calcium content can use the ACR or MBS, so as to avoid the winter too soft.

PVC Soft Products


Whether it is soft products or PVC sole, it will become harder in the winter,and it will not be so pliable, even the soles of more calcium will break. Plasticizer dosage should be appropriately raise, also can add appropriate hardy plasticizer, such as DOA (adipic acid dioctyl ester), DIDA (adipate isodecyl ester), DOZ (azelaic acid dioctyl ester), DOS (sebacic acid dioctyl ester) is the representative varieties used as cold-resistant plasticizer.Due to the generally cold resistant plasticizer and the compatibility of PVC is not very good, actually can only be used as a plasticizer to improve cold resistance of auxiliary.The dosage is usually 5 ~ 20% of plasticizer.

In order to improve the film tolerance and low temperature elongation, it is better to use the cold-resistant plasticizer and hexamethylphosphoryltriamine.Because hexamethylphosphoryltriamine is not itself a cold-resistant plasticizer, it can effectively reduce the freezing point of various plasticizers and achieve the purpose of strengthening the cold effect of the film.

The required soft products such as shoe material can add CPE-135B in the winter to increase the toughness of the material, and the processing aid can use the model with fast plasticization and low viscosity.

At the same time, we should also consider the processing temperature, cooling temperature, pulling rate and die design for PVC impact of cold resistance.Combined with good formula design, adjust in time for the drop in temperature is bigger.