PVC "MSG" - Processing Aids ACR

PVC "MSG" - Processing Aids ACR

PVC "MSG" - processing aids ACR

Styrene modifier and PVC compatibility, easy to disperse. A small amount of added (3-6phr) can significantly improve the PVC molding processability, reduce plasticizing temperature, improve melt flow, reduce melt fracture, which will help improve the finish of the product, and can improve the heat resistance of the product, Cold resistance, electrical insulation and impact resistance. And CPE share, there is a good synergistic effect, can replace or partially replace the higher price of ACR, MBS, and play a plasticizing, lubricating, viscosity reduction, toughening and enhancing effect. In addition to hard PVC, it is also widely used in soft PVC. It can be used for soft PVC extrusion film, calendered film, leather, flooring, cables, luxury travel shoes. In hard products, can be used for pipes, fittings, heterosexual material, blow molding bottles, tablets, plates, colored cellophane and so on.


The use of styrene-based modifiers, as the processing temperature decreases, the melt viscosity decreases, resulting in reduced production energy consumption, and increased yields (when added 3-5phr, the extrusion yield can be increased by 10-20%), products Surface quality improvement, in the same performance indicators, can increase the amount of filler. Therefore, styrene modifier is to improve the quality of PVC products, reduce costs, a class of promising modifier.


In fact, styrene-based modifier can be used for modification of PE, PP and many kinds of coatings, which are not introduced here. Xiaobian think, no more explanation of the text as shocking as the picture, so the selection of a comparison chart (add ACR and ACR without plasticizing the same time comparison chart):

PVC processing aids ACR is an abbreviation for acrylic copolymer, according to the different raw materials can be divided into: acrylic esters and styrenes, also in recent years, a vinyl acetate, which in turn reduce the cost of raw materials.


According to the different viscosity can be divided into: low viscosity, medium viscosity, high viscosity; low viscosity from <1.0 to <4.0, medium viscosity from 4.0 to 11.0, high viscosity of the general viscosity of 11.0-13.5.


According to the different functions can be divided into: general processing aids (such as 401,175, as often said) and foam regulator (530, as often said); in the domestic foam regulator generally refers to the viscosity higher than 10.0 or even higher than 11.0 acrylic Ester processing aids, the reference amount of 4.0-12.0 copies or more; ordinary processing aids also include a foam regulator, lubricating processing aids, general processing aids, the reference amount of 0.5-2.5 copies.


  According to different products can be divided into: foam board with ACR, WPC with ACR, sheet with ACR, profiles with ACR, fittings with ACR, ACR pipe and so on.