The Difference Between PE Wood Plastics And PVC Wood Plastics

The Difference Between PE Wood Plastics And PVC Wood Plastics

The advantages and disadvantages of PE wood plastic products are:

(1) PE wood plastic material is excellent in waterproof and anticorrosion.

(2) PE has poor resistance to oxidation and photodegradation, that is, adding antioxidants and UV absorbers is not ideal. This will cause poor strength and color fastness and limited outdoor service life.

(3) When heated, it is easy to deform and bend, but the effect of thickening or porous hollow structure is better.

(4) The surface of the product has a single color, no wood sense and poor aesthetic effect.


According to these properties and characteristics of PE wood plastic materials, I think it is suitable for development and utilization in some non long term exposure occasions, such as pallets, building templates, container pads, etc.

Second, PVC wood plastic products of low cost, good processing, surface decoration and other aspects of the performance teach PE wood plastic superior, mainly in:

(1) PVC wood and plastic products can be made of new or old materials (while PE with new materials is too expensive to enter the market, modification is easier, the quantity of filling depends on the quality of products;

(2) PVC can be made of low foamed wood plastic products, such as lower cost, by way of CO extrusion (two more material Co or co extruded plastic), strength and good sense of grain;

(3) PVC can be processed twice with various surface ornaments or paints, including UV paint, beautiful products and good color fastness;

(4) The waterproof and anticorrosion of PVC wood plastic products is also superior.