Knowledge of Plastic Flooring

Knowledge of Plastic Flooring

5 common expressions of plastic floor:

1. PVC: poly vinyl chloride,

2.LVT: luxury vinyl tile,

3. LVP: luxury vinyl plank

4. Vinyl floor

5. Vinyl plank

6. WPC:wood plastic composite

7. SPC:stone plastic composite

At present , the PVC sheet floor can be made into two kinds , one is the same homogeneous permeable floor from the bottom to the surface , if the surface is burnt or broken , the wax can be repaired with the sander . The other is that the uppermost layer is a pure PVC transparent layer and then the printing layer and the foaming layer are combined under the composite type , so that the same mass permeable material is superior to the composite type .

PVC floor composition: PVC resin powder, powder, stabilizer, carbon black, and is the main component of PVC powder.

The plastic floor is composed of backing layer , core layer , glass fibre ,decorative paper and wear layer .