Advantages of PVC Foaming Board

Advantages of PVC Foaming Board

By changing the extrusion die, choose different foaming process (crust foaming process or free foaming process), can develop a variety of PVC micro-foaming profiled sheet, crust thickness of 0.3mm~1mm, foaming rate is less than 5, the surface hard wear-resistant, wood grain lifelike, can be free of paint.

(1) To save raw materials, low cost foam plate density of 0.4g/cm3~0.7g/cm3, for the ordinary PVC sheet 25%~50%.

Unit volume consumption of less, low prices, in line with the world today's energy-saving, material requirements.

(2) High strength, long life due to the stability of micro-pore structure, the mechanical properties of the material, micro-foaming without residual stress, product size stability, pressure, impact performance significantly enhanced, overcome the common PVC products easy breakage, low wood strength defects, the service life of up to 30 years.

(3) Excellent physical and chemical properties The material has a unique performance of corrosion resistance, wet resistance, flame retardant, heat insulation, insulation and so on.

(4) Easy to two times the material can be processed according to different uses of various specifications, construction convenient, fast, low cost.

Easy to bond, sawing, planing, drilling, cutting, etc. two times processing.

(5) Energy-saving, environmentally friendly use of non-toxic formulations and non-liquid additives, basically no volatile products, belong to green environment-friendly materials. To plastic generation of wood, save forest Resources, the use of L M3 Foam plate can save 1.7m3 round wood, conducive to maintaining ecological balance.