The Status Of PVC Additives.

The Status Of PVC Additives.

    PVC industry is developing rapidly all over the world at present, prospects and potential of countries are bullish on PVC and its ecological environment, in particular, and other general resin compared with particularly the advantages of energy saving, low carbon, PVC is its superior performance, unique to the world that its role and status is at present no other products can replace, need it to social development, environmental protection need it, it is the inevitable trend of human social civilization progress.

    The development of PVC industry has been affected by its potential environmental and health hazards. But in recent years a large number of investigation and study showed that PVC and its harm to environment and health, such as dioxin, acid rain, heavy metal and DOP environmental hormone, was not as severe as once pointed out, and is likely to be more objective, PVC, in fact, more than any other alternatives more harm to environment and health.

    Objective evaluation: it is not the PVC itself that causes the crisis in PVC industry, but all kinds of auxiliaries. In addition to the factors such as history and technology, the cost pressure may be the most influential. So objectively speaking, it is the additives, not the plastic materials themselves, that influence consumers' correct evaluation of plastic products. It is also the basis of various environmental laws, regulations and standards that governments around the world have issued to help with the aid.

    In 2014, the global consumption of PVC was about 49.3 million tons, while the apparent consumption in China was 15.87 million tons. Global demand for PVC is expected to rise by 3.2% a year by 2021. The asia-pacific region is still the largest market for PVC sales, accounting for nearly 56% of total global consumption, and still the fastest growing area for PVC demand in the future.

    Especially in the new century, with the rapid development of our country plastic industry, production capacity, output and consumption of heat stabilizer has achieved rapid growth: heat stabilizer of sales from less than 100000 tons to nearly 600000 tonnes. After 50 years of construction and development of heat stabilizer industry has become a relatively complete categories, products, a wide range of important industries, the technical level, product structure, production scale and personnel quality and so on have made great progress, basic meet the requirements of the downstream industry additives for plastic products.