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Environmental Tax Begins On April 1st

Time: 2018-04-02

    Since January 1, the environmental protection tax law has been officially implemented. The tax law stipulates that the environmental protection tax shall be declared quarterly. The state administration of taxation announced on February 27 that China's latest environmental protection tax in 2018 will enter its first tax collection on April 1, and more than 260,000 taxpayers will pay for it.

    China has since April 1, 2018 to impose green taxes, the prophase work basic is ready, the personage inside course of study is expected, chemical raw materials and the product is going to rise again, and to rise at least 10%.

    In the first quarter, the overall situation in the chemical market was somewhat mild, with the chemical price index (CCPI) falling for two weeks, and nearly half of the products were more or less marked down. However, some people in the industry said that the chemical raw materials and products must be greatly increased in April, especially basic chemical, polyurethane, silicon chemical, paint raw materials!

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