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Titanium Dioxide

Time: 2018-09-03
Titanium dioxide is divided into anatase (A) titanium dioxide rutile (R) titanium dioxide
Titanium dioxide can enhance the covering power, weather resistance, anti-fading
When the concentration of titanium dioxide is low, the whiteness of PP increases with the increasing speed of its content. When the concentration exceeds 1.5%, the whiteness no longer increases. From 1% to 8%, the whiteness increases by 2.8%. In order to further improve whiteness, fluorescent brighteners can be adopted. Only a very small amount of fluorescent brighteners can significantly increase the colouring power of titanium dioxide.
Titanium dioxide, alias: titanium white
Titanium dioxide enables plastics to effectively scatter visible light and give whiteness, brightness and opacity.
The concentration of titanium dioxide in PP and ABS was 1%. The PVC is 4%; With the increase of titanium dioxide content, the covering power of titanium dioxide increases gradually, and it tends to be balanced when the concentration is greater than 8%. Usually, the finer the titanium dioxide particles, the higher their colouring power, the stronger their covering power.

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