PVC Fitting

PVC Fitting



Perfectly suitable auxiliary agents to enhance overall performance and offer a better cost control in PVC industries.



PVC Pipe Fitting


PVC pipe fitting is an essential part used for connecting PVC pipes together because rigid PVC pipes cannot be bended directly. Injection technology is basic method to produce a variety of PVC pipe fittings. 

PVC pipes have many advantages over some other plastic pipe fittings, including good tensile and compressive strength, small fluid resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and water proofness. This ensures wide applications and unique position of PVC pipe fitting in a variety of industries and fields.


PVC raw material constraints


PVC raw material, specifically PVC Resin, is not stable under high temperatures, starting to decompose and giving off HCL gas at above 100 centigrade. Badly decomposed PVC resins runs the risk of HCL corrosion to workers and makes the end products turn yellowish.

PVC Resin itself has low impact strength so that impact modifier should be added to enhance its impact performance. In addition, some PVC products are open to the outdoors, exposed to rather low temperature, which gives higher requirements for impact strength.

All these factors must be taken into account when selecting a proper solution.


The Jubang auxiliary agents for PVC pipes


Thanks to the well-developed workmanship and quality control, Jubang auxiliary agent series is a reliable solution which can be used to improve the heat stability, impact performance and processing smoothness directly, at the same time as offering low production costs.


JUBANG Auxiliary Agent series offer a competitive solution for extrusion and injection generally used for PVC pipe fitting making.

Should the particular PVC pipe fitting require higher flexibility or some certain color(s), the PVC additives in combination with plasticizers or pigments are recommended.

And finally, for the most extreme conditions (such as the extreme low temperature or corrosive liquids), the dosages of auxiliary agents should be adjusted accordingly: a reliable solution offering durable protection of PVC pipe fitting.


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