Stearic Acid for Rubber Industry
Stearic Acid for Rubber Industry
Stearic Acid for Rubber Industry
Stearic Acid for Rubber Industry

Item specifics

Carboxylic Acid
White Powder, White flakes
rubber vulcanizing agent, lubricant
Iodine Value
0.5 max
Acid Value
206-213mg KOH/g
Saponification Value
207-214mg KOH/g
Freezing Point
C18 Content



Product Description:

Stearic acid is a white flaky, bead or solid block under room temperature. It is made up of saturated fatty acid which most part is C16 and C18. It is insoluble in water, slightly soluble in benzene and carbon disulfide, but soluble in hot ethanol, and non-toxic, tasteless, and have the general chemical property of organic carboxylic.




Iodine Value

g Iodine/100g


Acid Value

mg KOH/g


Saponification Value

mg KOH/g




5Y 0.5R Max

Freezing Point


C18 Content



Product Picture:

Production Application:

Stearic acid widely be used in the rubber vulcanizing agent, plastic heat stabilizer, lubricant, textile softener, antistatic agents, food emulsifiers, aslo be as the raw material of cosmetic detergent and various surface active agents,etc.

1. In rubber industry: Stearic acid is used as vulcanization activator of rubber ploymer and latex, also softener.

2.In plastics industry: Stearic acid is widely used in pipes, board, profile and film as plasticizer, stabilizer, lube lubricant..

3. In textile industry: Yarn lubricant.

4.In curing agent, plastic heat stabilizer, wetting agent, textile softener, chemical fiber oil, anti-static agent, edible emulsifier.
5.In cosmetics, detergent and the intermediates of various surfactants, etc.

In other way. Stearic acid is also used to make release agent, calcium steatate, anti-foam additive, Drug-free.

Our company:

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Packing and Shipping:

Storage method: Should be stored in cool and dry surroundings with shelf life of two years,it can be used if qualified by inspection after shelf life.

Packing: Composite plastic woven bag, net weight 25kg

Our Service:

1. Provide personalized customer's services;

2. Embrace flexibility and professionalism;

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4.Treat workers and other suppliers as respectful partners.In the past more than10 years, with high quality;Jubang has gained a global sales network, covering Europe, USA, Southeast Asia, India, Africa and South America, etc.


1. Q:What is your packing?

A:25kg/bag or as customers' requirement.

2. Q:What is the payment method?


3. Q:What is the minimum quantity?

A:17 tons

4. Q:What is the means of transport?

A:By ocean shipping, from Shanghai port.

5. Q:How can I get samples?

A: We are honored to offer you samples free.But you have to pay for the freight.

6. Q:How does your factory do regarding quality control?

A:Quality is priority.We always attach great importance to quality control from the very beginning to very end. Our factory has gained SGS authentication.Every batch has its own test report.